Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Decreased Comcast cable bill

My 6 month new customer deal with Comcast recently expired so I decided to called them up and see what they could do for me. I gave them a spiel about how I could switch over to DirectTV and it would only be $40 to receive a similar amount of programming. The lady took about 2.4 seconds to say "please hold on and I will see what I can do" after about 20 seconds she came back and had lowered my price around 10%. I told her I appreciated it and that we really loved the high speed internet but we could not justify spending the extra money. She asked me to please hold again and came back with an even lower price. I think all and all she reduced our price for Internet and Digital cable with HBO in the vicinity of $50. It bothers me that it is so easy for them to lower the price. If that is what the product is worth why are they gorging us?


John said...

Because they can. Business is business. If there were more people like us, perhaps they wouldn't. Spread the word...many things are negotiable.

zero said...

Ah, come on now. I work for Comcast---everyone loves to tell us how much they hate us and how our service is not worth what we charge, but even people who disconnect eventually come back; most people say that once they have it, they have a hard time without it.
And, yes, things are negotiable, but I know that, at least in our division, we will only discount your service once (unless you have had a truly poor experience). It's not that the service is not worth what is being charged, but a few dollars for a few months is worth it to save a customer.

Anonymous said...

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